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About Compare Energy Prices


What is (CEP)?

We are an open online marketplace, where petroleum product dealers allow you save money by comparing prices of vendors, whilst keeping in mind other factors such as ratings, reviews, payment plans, delivery speed etc. We let you make your own choices, which save you money and time.
Why Join Us?

Have you ever searched endlessly online looking for petroleum product dealers in the area and found none? And eventually you had to ask a co-worker to recommend one…Unfortunately they show up late to deliver diesel after keeping you on hold. Then, the company charges a different cost to what was agreed, does not supply the right quantity and your generator ends up going bad due to poor quality. Sound familiar? We knew there had to be a better way, so we built one. With CEP, you can now order diesel or jet fuel and purchase cooking gas {LPG} from vetted, qualified providers 24hrs a day from our website. 

At CEP, we are passionate about restoring the confidence in the Oil and Gas industry and ensuring that customer service is taken seriously. We have a network of dealers located around the country to ensure that no matter where you are in Nigeria, you are just a click away from premium petroleum products.

With our directory of premium, cherry picked dealers, you can rest assured that your energy needs are supplied without the hassle of going from pillar to post looking for credible suppliers. From the comfort of your office or home you can make your choice, place your order, kick back and relax.

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